I would like to welcome you on my website. My name is Maria Hilmerova and I'm a yorkshire terrier breeder. In the past I was a yorkshire terrier breed consultant and national judge of exterior III. FCI group – yorkshire terrier. But let’s start from the beginning, how I became a breeder of this beautiful breed.

I have always admired and owned dogs of a bigger breed, but as I had to adapt to a constrained living conditions, I was looking for a breed which is suitable to a small city apartment.  I also have an allergy, so I have chosen yorkie especially because of it’s for which has a structure of human hair and that yorkies don’t loose their hair.

I was looking for my first yorkie for a quite long time, I was searching the studdogs in a dogshows, after which I could buy a puppy – bitch for a dog show. At that time I was not thinking about the breeding. After long wait I got her, but with the condition that I also buy an yorkie male, so suddenly I got a couple.

I can say, that this reality made me start breeding of this wonderful breed. I had always dream to have a dog family, but I also had an ambition of showing.

My first successful show dog in Slovaika was already mentioned “not wanted“ Xavier Hvìzda Ïáblic, son of, at that time, very successful Dorfik Donevi. But I have to say that I saw and realized, that whenever foreign breeders came to the dog show, we had not a big chance. Xavier had almost miniature growth and the more successful dogs were always of a bigger growth.

I started to check and watch foreign breeds and I decided to buy “something better“ from the Netherlands. So little by little has found at us permanent address bitches imported from the Netherlands – JESSICA, LOU-LOU and QUEEN ROSITA od JANEY’s HOME from „of Jayne’s Home“ kennel of L. MOONEN.

Jessica had a champion’s title almost in the bag, but after injury we had to quit the showing. Lou-Lou had also a good start, but her show career was end by the sudden death. Her show career was followed by her daughter – Multichampion BETY GOLD LINDA, with whom we reached a title of Interchampion and championships of: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Slovenia. She has and always had a good condition. Even in her age – 6 years she succeeded to uphold the title BOB, she also gain a Winner of Slovakia 2001. She gave us so many exceptional individuals, Multichampions Dominique and Ziggor and both of them not that long time ago succesfully presented themselves on the dog shows and both are champions of various countries. After the show career Bety she was given to my friend Blanka Uhrovèíková and now she is a darling of the whole family, especially of her son. I would like to thank to Blanka and to her family for the great care of Bety but also of Baffin and Hanah who found a wonderful lovely home at her.

Thanks also to Tonka Danková for the precise care of Ziggor and also that she did not give up the first bad luck at his shows and that she continued at Ziggor’s successful career.
After these imported „dutch ladies“ we have shown also very nice and successful individuals. I can mention for example: Blue BIGGI – of couple Vaigl and CHARLIE – of Ingrid Šafáriková, who left to the dog’s heaven this spring – descendants off successful Jessica, FERGIE, REBECCA and ROSITA of Maryon’s Home, daughters of Queen Rosita. Fergie was a successful foundation bitch of the breed of couple Matejèík, owners of the breeding kennel Suening. The daughter of Fergie - Honora Suening won at the European Dog Show in Tulln 1999 Winner of Cathegory and CACA. Fergie was a mother of successful dog show individuals and thanks to couple Matejèik for the perfect care of Fergie, Fany and Inuška.

REBECCA of Maryon’s Home has reached as a first bitch of my own breed Interchampion title and she is a mother of other generation of Interchampions - of Calista. She became a champion of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and has got title res. TOP Yorkshire 2000, 2001 and Club champion.
With other gorgeous imported dog of Mrs. L. Moonen from The Netherlands, MultiCH. LUCIFER of JAYNE’S HOME we achieved many valuable prices. We achieved a title of Interchampion, JuniorChampion of Slovakia, Croatia, Youth club champion of Slovakia, Champion of Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Serbia. Lucifer has started his show career in 2000 and right after he became TOP YORKSHIRE TERRIER 2000 and Reserve TOP 3. group FCI – Terrier 2000. He successfully continued in his show career in the next show season 2001 and became TOP YORKSHIRE TERRIER 2001. On the EURODOG 2003 in Bratislava he was titled as a third BEST STUD DOG, where he was showed together with his 7 descendants, each from different bitch.

This blood line from The Netherlands is taking other successful individuals of Millmoor line, like Ever Trouble, Trouble Maker. Lines My Precious, von Anasor....... and there is also intersection of other famous english lines.
Of course, I always wanted to reach more and I think that it was a valuable bitch for our breed – CH. QOCCLE’s KISS ME AND GO imported from Italy from Mrs. Nicoletta Pollini. She was a granddaughter of young World Winner QOCCLE‘s of MILLMOOR, her father was french, very successfull, beautiful dog ICH. OYAKALELO du GUE de L’ADOUR, descendant of parents from America, gerensing lines ROTHBY’S, TYAVA’S and PARKSIDE’S.

KISS ME untimely „left“ my dog family (she was of smaller growth and aslept forever at the Caesarian birth together with puppies), she was my favourite dog. She was exeptional, not because of the exterior, but she had and amazing character, always happy gamesome and great mother. Her successful descentants are Multichampion Newer say Newer and my other exceptional bitch - Multichampion FRANCESCA of Maryon´s Home. She has a happy and gamesome character of Kiss and after both parents, so Lucifer as well, she has a beautiful hair.

Francesca is successful and great mother. She has started her show career in year 2003 and on the each show, where she was exhibited at the time, always won. The best success of that season was her positioning on the EURODOG 2003 in Bratislava, where she achieved in competition of 27 young bitches 3. place. She is a champion of 6 countries, Club champion of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Slovenia. She is a mother of my exceptional bitch Mercedes and dogs Maximus and Marco and later also other successful dogs French Kiss, Frodo, Frederique, Victory....

In MERCEDES there is an integration of all the best of Kiss me. Lucifer, Francesca and other wonderful ancestors. She has a great temperament, excellent character of a pet and show dog at the same time. She loves shows and to present herself. With Mercedes we won our most precious title so far – EUROPEAN Junior WINNER 2005 of youth class EURODOG Tulln 2005. In her 3 years of age she achieved many titles and prices, we fulfilled Interchampion conditions and she is a champion of  various countries and successful mother as well.
Her brother Maximus is also champion of various countries and this year he should fulfill the Interchampion title as well.

In 2006 we got a quest dog, borrowed beautiful ICH. Qoccle’s Dream of Victory, after who we started to show his children in show season 2007 and continue until now. I can mention successful – FRODO, who is already today a champion of various countries and TOP YORKSHIRE TERRIER 2007, his sisters Frederique, French Kiss than Ebony, Esprit, Escada, Hillary, Honora Star and others. Anastasia York de Sky Woker, who became immediately in his first show season TOP YORKSHIRE TERRIER 2006 and who is currently acting in Russian Samara at my friend Elena.

Last autumn 2007, 2 beautiful imported dogs found their home at us, James Bond Wild Fantasy and Magical Merlin Yorex, whose show career is starting this year and I hope that they are going to be a big value for the breed, because of their excellent blood lines they have.

JAMES BOND started his career already in autumn 2007, he achieved 2 x Junior CAC at the international shows abroad and continue successfully also in season 2008. In his 19 months he achieved titles: Juniorchampion of Croatia, Czech  Club Juniorchampion, Champion of Montenegro, Champion of Georgia,  Kura, Azerbaidzhan and he is missing 1 executory remainder to fulfill champion of Slovakia, which he has to get in next show season.

MAGICAL MERLIN started his show career in march 2008 and is already Juniorchampion of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Czech club champion and in august 2008 he started „adult“ Slovak championship in both international shows in Bratislava, where he achieved 2x CAC and 2x Res.CACIB. In his 18 months he achieved titles: Champion of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

At the end I would like to thank to all owners of our dog children, to my friends for the excellent care, keeping and love they give to my nurselings, for the help and support in showing, finishing of this miniature but gorgeous breed.

                        Mária Hilmerová and our „children“